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Probably everyone has at least once in their life tried the experience of solving a puzzle, both adults and children. Puzzles are an excellent training for our brain and mental capacity and they help develop a non stop cognitive skill. Moreover, solving a puzzle can be sometimes complicated and it takes a lot of time, so people can also improve their patience and perseverance.

In other words, solving a puzzle teach us how to be constant and how to go to the end of our goals.


Skills and attitudes

So, as said, to do a puzzle is something really helpful, puzzles are used   for this reason in psychiatric therapy programs. The skills and attitudes that are improved by solving a puzzles are many, among them we can list here a few ones: problem solving strategies, self management skills, visual memory, cognitive capacity, character development capacity, tactile sensation, social skills (when solving a puzzle is done together with another person), as a consequence good collaborative skills are also improved.

Today puzzles are also used in kindergartens and elementary schools for all the benefits they can bring to children. Puzzles are a sort of co helper tool because children can develop faster memory skills that will be very helpful when studying school subjects.


Transfer learned skills to life situations

So, how can people transfer the skills that they have learned by solving a puzzle to every life situation? Mainly, our brain follows 3 steps to do this: identification of the problem, understanding the process to solve it and apply all this to a life situation.

So, to do a clear example, let’s imagine that the workers of locksmiths-search.com have to fix a problem with a key. They have first to understand what kind of problem it is, then they simply have to use all their knowledge and special tools.

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