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Each Half Life fan definitely has his very own demands and expectations when thinking about the much waited Half Life 3 game soon to reach their computers. And while the wait continues to make everyone’s blood boil in excitement, more and more fans are starting to lose their patience. More and more specialized gaming magazines and bloggers are seeking for opinions and views on the most anticipated features of the Half Life 3 game. The third and final sequel is expected to blow everyone’s minds, so gamers are trying to keep their minds busy to describing all sorts of scenarios and features they would like to see as part of the final sequel of the series.


What Do Fans Expect?


Some Half Life 3 fans expect for a similar environment like the one encompassed in Half Life 2; they expect it to be as vast and spectacular as the previous one. More interaction is also expected of the new game – this means players expect to be allowed to make their own decisions regarding the ending of the game, and not be forced to follow a predefined, linear end scenario.


Other Half Life 3 fans would like to enjoy longer story lines, extra crowbars, less gravity guns, and other helpful features. Moreover, some passionate players would like to Ravenholm to be completely removed from the game, to make it less creepy. Nevertheless, users will ultimately have to deal with the presence of Ravenholm in within the game, as the character continues to be an important part of the action.


Game Development In Progress


The folks of Valve have managed to keep the evolution of the game development a secret via their User Picker interactive tool. This special tool manages all the personnel that it is involved in the development of the game and the projects that revolve around it. It was also built to properly track all of the current projects.


The User Picker tool was therefore meant to successfully prevent crucial game information to be leaked to the frantic public. Nevertheless, a gaffe of the company has led to a semi-disaster; gamers got a sneak –peak into the entries for the Half Life 3 or the Half Life 3 the Core version. With only a small number of game developers working at the last series of the beloved game, the secret continues to be guarded. Only a few announcements have made it clear for fans that they should be getting ready for a 2014 release of the game. It is suspected that the company has approved the information leakage to create more fuss around the topic of the release and also to confirm the future of the Half Life 3 game on the market.  


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